Beach Horizon Investments Ltd.

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Performance reports are available to investors and potential investors only. Once logged in you can view reports from Beach Horizon and transparency reports from NAV consulting.

What’s available to registered users

Daily Performance Graph

Daily return figures are updated at the end of each day. Figures are gross and estimated.

Manager Reports

Beach Horizon writes monthly reports with a breakdown of performance by sector and sector VAR. Historical reports are also available.

Transparency Reports

For investors in our funds, we offer a high level of transparency via an independent risk monitor and valuer, NAV Consulting. Investors can log-on daily to see a breakdown of our performance, our risk allocations and other useful data for all of our funds.

For a sample of the high standard of transparency provided please click on the sample below:

NAV – Beach Horizon Fund Ltd

Reports produced:

• Daily Report
• Historical VAR & Volatility Report
• Winners & Losers
• VAR by Market
• Profit & Loss by Market
• Performance by Contract
• Exposure report