Beach Horizon Investments Ltd.

About us

Beach Horizon Investments Ltd the the research partner of Wimmer Horizon LLP which is a fund manager based in London, UK, regulated by the FCA in the UK and the CFTC/NFA in the US. Beach Horizon Investments Ltd was established in 2009.  Beach Horizon Investments Ltd does not provide financial advice or perform any form of regulated financial activity.

It was founded by David Beach, Sanjeev Lakhanpal and Paul Netherwood to provide research services to Beach Horizon LLP (now Wimmer Horizon LLP). Sanjeev and Paul and a team of researchers, quants, traders and IT experts work together to create new ideas in technology and financial modelling that are potentially useful to Wimmer Horizon LLP to deploy for trading.

Beach Horizon Investments Ltd continually invests in the development of processes, controls and technology required for investment management services.