Beach Horizon Investments Ltd.



March 2018

Beach Horizon LLP is launching the UCITS compliant Plurima Beach Horizon Fund

The Plurima Beach Horizon Fund is an open-ended umbrella unit trust authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland pursuant to the European Communities (Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities) Regulations, 2011, with Beach Horizon LLP acting as Portfolio Manager. The Fund Manager is European and Global Investments Limited, an independent fund management company compliant with UCITS V and AIFMD requirements and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. EGI provides, in full compliance with EU regulations, the necessary expertise for managing and distributing funds in a number of jurisdictions across Europe. 

The Fund complies with the UCITS restrictions for diversification and risk-spreading. It offers daily liquidity with share denominations in US Dollar, GB Sterling and Euro. 

The Plurima Beach Horizon Fund has exposure to the flagship Beach Horizon systematic managed futures/CTA strategy ‘The Beach Horizon Programme’ subject to compliance with the UCITS regulations. The investment objective of the Fund is to achieve capital appreciation over the medium to long term, primarily through investment in managed futures and currency based investment strategies.  

The Fund is suitable for investors who are looking for long term capital growth through exposure to alternative investment strategies that are uncorrelated to traditional equity and bond markets and who are prepared to accept a moderate to high level of volatility. As the Fund may employ complex strategies (including the use of derivatives), it is intended only for knowledgeable and experienced investors who are able to understand and evaluate both the investment strategy and its inherent risks (such undertaking and evaluation may be gained through advice from a professional advisor). 

Beach Horizon LLP, an award-winning established systematic investment manager, has a long track record of successfully managing investor assets and adding diversification to investor portfolios with its low correlation to traditional markets such as stocks and bonds.